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Peanut Butter Crownie


One of my Mum’s best recipes had always been the “Brownies”

It was crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside.

On the days that I would make the brownie and take them to work, they would always be the first one to go.

Mind you, i work in a call centre with about 100 people.

They are that good that they are absolutely awesome by themselves.

One day in the month of March, our workplace celebrates what we call “Harmony Day”. This is a day where we celebrate the multicultural community of Australia.

As we all come from different backgrounds, we would all bring in a dish from our home country and share it with everyone else.

Each year, I would always bring in food from the Philippines and let them taste what Filipino food has to offer.

But on this particular Harmony Day, I wanted to bring t...

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Sometime ago when I was still carefree and young, I used to work for a company that sold telecommunication services.

I’ve been with the company for over a year and we had just finished learning about this new product.

Our trainer, Angela, had decided to cook Scones as an end of training present for us.

At this stage, I have only been in Australia for about 2 years and haven’t really tasted that many foods that the country had to offer. I never knew what Scones was before this day.

The moment, I had my first bite, I was in love.

I had to have the recipe!

I couldn’t believe that this recipe only consisted of three ingredients!

I know, three ingredients.

She said this is idiot-proof scones.

After my friends would have a bite, they would ask me what of kind of stuff I used, and every tim...

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