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Back when I was still living in The Philippines, carbonara was always one the few dishes that i would always try and save up for and buy at the restaurant.

Spaghetti with white sauce was so foreign to us that was always a bit more expensive that Spaghetti Bolognese.

Because of the lack of funds, and the need of wanting to have carbonara more often, I played around with the recipe and have come out with a creamy, tasty carbonara.

It is far from the original recipe that my Italian friends make in their kitchen ~ and probably with a bit more fat.

But I will always remember this as the first recipe that I have ever invented.

Over the years, I have changed the recipe every now and again depending on how I was feeling at that time.

This recipe that I am giving you today, has always been the basi...

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Pillow Pie


Sunday afternoon while I was making pigs in a blanket for a friend and watching the food network, I thought what else can I do with these ingredients?
Coincidentally, the show that I was watching was also doing pastry dishes. She was making empanada (stuffed bread or pastry).
I decided to make my own version of the empanada and use the ingredients that I had in the fridge.
It turned out to be a delicious garlicky savory flavor. When I had my first bite, it was divine!
Why had I not thought of this before?
I called it the Pillow Pie because of the comforting flavors of this food and the shape of the pie after it rises in the oven.
2 Sheets of Puff Pastry
1 Egg, scrambled
100g Sausages
100g Bacon
1 tsp Butter, melted
Garlic Paste
Mozarella, shredded
Handful of Parsley

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